Natalie’s ‘best friend’ spills her secrets — on pet adoption

By Meena Hart Duerson, TODAY

No one knows your secrets like your best friend — but Natalie Morales' is spilling hers, on TODAY!

In the third installment of the anchors' #TODAYTakesAction series, Natalie teamed up with her best friend, her dog Zara, to create a public service announcement promoting the importance of adopting shelter pets. To show off their special relationship, they made this PSA, in partnership with Maddie's Fund and The Humane Society of the United States, in which Zara (voiced by surprise star Jenna Elfman) dishes all the “dirt” she knows about Natalie, like the fact that she's not a morning person and that she uses the “five-second rule” to eat food off the floor.

Shelter pet adoption is a cause particularly close to Natalie's heart because it's how she found Zara in the first place. Two years ago, Zara was a guest on the show, where Natalie fell in love at first sight and took her home.

“The biggest surprise in adopting Zara has been to realize how much was missing in our lives,” Natalie told “With two beautiful and sweet boys who fill our every moment with joy and yes, chaos, I didn't think we were incomplete. But because Zara is such a member of our family now and she is such a great fit, I see now that she was missing.”

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