Evicted dog shelter operator to move to Yreka

YREKA – Dexter’s Rescue Remedy – the independent no-kill dog rescue shelter in Horse Creek that is currently housing over 30 dogs – is moving to Yreka. Now, the shelter’s operator Charlot McClendon is sending a call-out to community members to help her relocate the animals and establish infrastructure and suitable facilities at the new location.

“We are in the process of finalizing the paperwork to purchase a parcel of land on Greenhorn Road,” said McClendon, who scrambled to secure an alternative shelter location upon receiving an eviction notice from her landlord.

She noted that the shelter’s dogs and equipment must be vacated by next weekend.

McClendon alleges that her landlord wrongfully accused her of failing to pay rent, and she said she has decided to purchase property for her operation to avoid landlord conflicts in the future.

While McClendon stated that she believes owning a parcel for the shelter will have its advantages, she and her volunteers face many new challenges, and she hopes community members will step forward to offer assistance.

Dexter’s Rescue Remedy is a nonprofit and it operates on donations and dog adoption fees.

McClendon noted that during this transition, there may be a need for the dogs in her care to be fostered.

The 40-acre rolling parcel does not have water hook-ups, electricity infrastructure or structures.

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7 years ago

Wish her well. Moving is a big job, but moving a rescue is a really big one.