Local pet advocate right about tighter dog adoption policy

Pauline Giannaras brings a lot of common sense to the epidemic of unwanted or unhealthy dogs in Athens County. A public agency like the Athens County Dog Shelter need not contribute to the problem by adopting out dogs that have not been spayed or neutered. As Ms. Giannaras describes, one unaltered dog adopted from the shelter can produce multiple litters in a short period of time, which then reproduce again, with the puppies and dogs too often abandoned or euthanized in shelters.

This cycle needs to be broken. Franklin County established such a spay/neuter policy over a decade ago when I was a county commissioner, and while it has not totally solved the overpopulation problem, shelter statistics show it has had a major impact. I am glad that Athens County is debating this progressive step that will help make it a safer and more humane community.

Originally posted here: Local pet advocate right about tighter dog adoption policyLocal pet advocate right about tighter dog adoption policy

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Random Felines
7 years ago

We don’t understand why all shelters make it mandatory. We understand there is an expenses, but isn’t that outweighed by helping to end overpopulation. Mom’s best friend adopted a dog in Ohio and they send her home unspayed with a voucher for $25 for the surgery (cause THAT is gonna cover the cost – ugh).