Grande Prairie SPCA ‘Have A Heart’ Adoption Drive Started Feb 5th

“Hearts” and the month of February go hand-in-hand, and the Grande Prairie SPCA is offering a little something extra in hopes one of their furry residents will touch your heart.

Executive Director Laureen Harcourt says the 'Have a Heart, Save a Life' promotion starts tomorrow and runs until Valentine's Day.

“For every cat and dog adoption, we will reduce their adoption fee by one dollar for every day that they have been living at the SPCA. Up to 100 dollars off you can get. So if the cat or dog has been here for 10 days, we will take off 100 dollars.”

Harcourt says the “long-timers” will be easy to spot — they'll have heart tags on their information cards attached to the doors of their kennels.

There are over 100 dogs looking for forever homes–inclduing lots of puppies and small-breed dogs.

Harcourt says they even have a kitten who was born in the shelter and is still there, still waiting for someone to take him home.

Originally posted here: Local News