No cats allowed: Rescues concerned by Humane Society’s ban – The Chillicothe Gazette

CHILLICOTHE — The Ross County Humane Society shelter no longer is accepting cats or adopting them out, leaving fewer options for residents trying to surrender a cat.

In the past few years, the shelter often had a sign posted that its cat room was at capacity. Last week, society board spokeswoman Nancy Theobald confirmed the last three cats at the shelter were adopted and that the cat room — which housed 18 cat cages — is being disassembled.

“I think that’s the way we would like to go,” Theobald said of no longer handling cats and focusing solely on dogs. “It’s not concrete. … I truly believe that the avenues they are trying to reach out to, that if it works, it might turn out to be better (than what we were doing).”


The board voted on the decision in December, and board member Stacy Brooks said it was unanimous among the members present.

Some things Theobald thinks contributed to the decision was a desire to have a space for female dogs and their puppies that was segregated from the general population. Finances also have been cited as a reason, and Brooks said the board also discussed how a cat’s average stay at the shelter was 113 days and sometimes as long as250 days.

Although the humane society recently

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Random Felines
7 years ago

and once again cats are reduced to second class citizens……

7 years ago

Though cats outnumber dogs by around 10 MILLION in domestic households, and are the nation’s and the world’s most beloved companions, something pervasive is poisoning the mainstream media and some businesses and individuals toward narrow-minded, ignorant, downright hateful behavior toward them. Shame on you, Chillicothe Ross County “Humane” Society (and the “Humane” is in quotes for the obvious reason that I don’t believe they earn the designation by this action). What IS it in this society that has brainwashed so many people and succeeded in shoving dogs down the public’s throats so effectively? We’re not ever buying it. NO DOGS… Read more »

7 years ago

Cats need help too, it’s time the media stops portraying cats in a negative way, cats are paying for this with their lives. Cat lovers unite, stand up for cats rights!