Poor Isaac Dog Need the Third Time to be the Charm – Greenville, SC

From Pet Tender Angels, Greenville, SC:

Issac's is a sad story.. He was rescued the day he was to be euthanized at a local county pound… but now his owner is being forced to give him up.

Isaac is a black lab(probably not full blood), approximately 3 years old, weighs 65lbs, and knows basic commands – “sit”, “lay down”, “stay”, “come here”, “go get it”(tennis ball), “stay with me”, etc…

He loves car rides, is very good will children, and completely house-trained. He never has accidents inside, even when left for longer than anticipated. Isaac does not jump up on people, but he can jump quite high. He is amazingly strong and athletic. HE LOVES TO BE IN THE WATER, however he prefers that it not be to bathe. Isaac gets along just fine with other dogs, and goes to the dog park quite often.

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