A Welcome Home: February is Black Cat Adoption Month at Domino’s House

PALM CITY — Now that you’ve you’re more informed about the negative superstitions as well as the positive ones, you can make a reasonably educated choice of which to believe, or decide that neither is relevant to you in this day and age. You can choose to believe that black cats have as much to offer as any other color cat and the choice of adopting one should really be based on personalities – yours and theirs.

With that in mind we have declared February to be Black Cat Adoption Month at Domino’s House. We have black cats available for adoption ranging from 7 months to 4 years of age. Each has his/her own individual personality and each is a gorgeous looking cat. Come out to the shelter and meet them. For example, there are four brothers, each more handsome than the other, who are 1 year and 9 months old. They were born at Domino’s House and have watched lots of cats and kittens go to their “forever” homes but not a single one of them. I wonder what they must be thinking. Let’s see if they’ll tell you.

We have dropped the adoption price of a black cat in February to $50 and each adoption will include:

Their health record (vaccination records), rabies certificate, spay/neuter certificate

Welcome kits, which include useful information to help you with your new kitty.

One free bag dry food, one canned food and a toy.

A complete feeding schedule

Two DVDs to help a new owner with question(s) they may have.

A video for the cat to watch for his/her entertainment.

The 10 commandments of pet ownership.

Black cats have suffered from a “bad reputation” for much too long and we’re hoping that they soon become simply another choice for anyone looking to adopt a cat to love and care for.

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