WARL Celebrates Valentine’s Day Early With Annual ‘Catapalooza’ On Feb. 10

Valentine's day comes early for the cats awaiting adoption at the Washington Animal Rescue League. The League's annual “Catapalooza” celebrates all things feline on Sunday Feb. 10, from noon till 3 p.m.

Cat adoption fees will be reduced to just $14 if potential adopters donate a 5-pound bag or canned cat food. The donated food goes to the League's Food Bank, which helps those who are struggling and cannot afford to feed their own pets.

Forty purring friends will be available for adoption on Catapalooza day, and you can see them online at http://www.warl.org/adopt/search/

If you've been planning to bring home a cat, or to give your present feline a roommate as a Valentine's Day surprise, Catapalooza is the purrfect opportunity. Cats and kittens of every personality type, from shy and sweet to purring lap potatoes to playful energy machines, are available, male and female, in all the trendiest cat color combos and coats, from calicos and tabbies to tuxedoes and classic solids. No accessory in the world can match a touch of cat hair on one's clothes, and you'll find just the right shade to coordinate with your fave outfit.

All cats and kittens available at WARL have been rescued via partner shelters and animal welfare organizations. They have been spayed/neutered; microchipped, are up to date on any scheduled vaccinations, and have had a full medical evaluation by the League's on-site medical team. In other words, these cats are good to go.

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