UPDATE: Puppies spared from euthanasia

The following is an update to a story that appeared earlier today (Tuesday) about four puppies facing the threat of euthanasia due to over-crowding at the Prince Albert SPCA.

The abandonment of four puppies over the past few days was enough to tip the Prince Albert SPCA’s scales into crisis mode.

With their facility over-capacity, staff reluctantly uttering the “e” word on Tuesday, when they feared the four abandoned puppies would have to be euthanized.

These fears were dashed by mid-afternoon, when New Hope Dog Rescue agreed to accept all four puppies, and Size Small Dog Rescue accepted another two dogs from the shelter.

But, although grateful for the Saskatoon-based animal rescue organizations, facility manager Debbie Lehner said, “this only helps us in the very short term.”

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