Catfight: Shelter, rescue groups at odds

Cat rescue groups and the Mat-Su Borough Animal Care and Regulation Shelter recently found themselves fighting over the way 22 kittens were sent out for adoption.

Just before Christmas, the kittens were given to Fairbanks to Loving Companions Inc.

Carol Vardeman, director of the shelter, said that at the time there were 120 cats in the borough shelter. She called Loving Companions in an attempt, actually, to update her contact lists. That conversation led to the group taking 22 cats, which relieved a lot of pressure on the shelter.

“Everybody was smiling and then all of a sudden, ‘Bam!’ everyone was mad at me,” Vardeman said.

What happened in between?

Local rescue groups caught wind that Loving Companions had been given the animals for free and was selling them in Fairbanks with their genitals intact. Rescue groups in Fairbanks wrote to say that the director of that group was an animal hoarder with numerous anonymous complaints against her at the Fairbanks shelter.

Since then, the borough’s deputy manager, George Hayes, has stepped in.

More on the original here: Catfight: Shelter, rescue groups at odds – Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman: News

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8 years ago

Anyone doing anything involving innocent and vulnerable living beings has GOT to do their homework and research carefully anyone involved in fostering/rescue/adoptions. I know it’s all a lot of work. It should be. For those who disagree, substitute “baby” for the living being, and ask yourself what you would do. That’s what you should do for THEM, too – even more so, as a matter of fact.