Urgent Help Needed to Save a Bunny in Southern West Virginia

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Hello All,

I am the Secretary of Southern WV Animal League.Our organisation has been approached about the possibility of taking in an injured rabbit.He is a domesticated who was apparently abandoned via a roadside and has a hobbled rear leg (possibly from being clipped by a vehicle or tossed out?)and has a fracture between his front incisor's.He is able to get about w/a hobble and nibble kale and eat baby carrot food.

We are in the process of getting his intake approved,However as a rescue that generally deals with Dogs and cats,Bunnies are relatively new territory for us.We currently have Bunnies in foster but none that require medical assistance of this nature.We are a small organisation in an economically disadvantaged area relying solely on a net work of foster homes and funding is limited.Are there any type of organisation that sponsor rabbits who need urgent vetting.The only one I know that offers small animal financial assistance is for individual pet owners only.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.If I have posted this in the wrong forum or if there is a thread covering this topic I apologise,I am new here and still learning.

Thank you,

SWVAL Secretary.


If anybody can help please email them at :swvanimalleague@gmail.com

Lets see if we can get some help to this rescue for this poor bunny.

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