Sweet Cats Tillie & Meme Would Love Playtime In Their New Home – Glenview, IL Patch

From Heartland Animal Shelter, Northbrook, IL:

Tillie and Meme

Tillie and Meme are super loving sisters who are looking to find a home together! Tillie is a very friendly 2 month old tabby kitten. She loves to cuddle and play with her best kitten friend Meme. One of her favorite things to do is chase Meme all over the house. Tillie likes to put her toys in the bath tub and bat them all over. Meme is a very sweet 2 month old black and white kitten who loves to cuddle people when they are watching TV or reading. She loves when you talk to her, and she will even talk back. Meme enjoys walking around with her stuffed toys in her mouth and she really likes to play in boxes and hide, and then jump out to play with Tillie. Meme really enjoys playing in her big cat tree and with her laser light toy. She just loves to run up and down like crazy. She sleeps with Meme and they both put their paws around each other while cuddling and sleeping. These two girls are an amazing pair! Credit Jenny Nogle

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