Handsome Dog Archie Needs a Family to Give Him a Chance – Riverside, CA – PE.com

Animal’s name: Archie

Breed: Picardy Shepherd

Color: Black and tan

Age: 2 years

About the animal: This is the rescue dog who’s too complex to find a loving home — because people think he’s too spirited.

The pup was taken in by the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center after a Good Samaritan found him wandering the streets of Riverside. He lived with her and her four little dogs harmoniously for about a month. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to keep him due to her recent diagnosis of cancer.

Staff at the Pet Adoption Center have struggled to find him a loving home after potential owners have misunderstood and overlooked him. Archie is a 2-year-old Picardy Shepherd and displays most of the breed’s temperament characteristics. He is extremely lively, energetic, intelligent and will make the perfect guard dog. He is loyal, hardworking and sensitive in nature and likes being praised and motivated for any “work” he does. He listens well, takes treats gently from the hand and craves attention. Medium in size with a shaggy coat, Archie’s presence will make any person smile, as he is quite adorable.

What has made him difficult to place is that he is a fearless and tireless dog that will firmly stand to protect his family in front of strangers. With the right family and lots of space to practice his herding skills, Archie will be a loyal and lifelong friend.

Destiny Glass, the center’s animal care supervisor, says, “We really hope someone will look past his unconventional personality and give him a chance. He really is a loving creature who will make a great companion if given the right circumstances.”

Agency: Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center, a private, nonprofit, adoption-guarantee organization

Location: 6165 Industrial Ave., Riverside

Hours: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily; low-cost vaccination and microchipping available every Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to noon.

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