Town to aid in adoption of barn cats

A new Town program is aimed at making it easier to find homes for barn cats.

There are a lot of barns in Caledon that could provide good homes to certain cats, while aiding farmers.

Caledon council recently agreed to start a barn cat adoption program.

The motion passed by council calls for the waiving of the usual adoption fees. As well, Town staff will be sending a progress report on the program to council next January.

The recent staff report to council stated this new program is similar to one put in place in Brampton about a year ago. Officials in the City have reported the program to be very successful, with a waiting list of barn owners seeking cats. The City has an application process to find suitable barns, and there is no charge for the program. The application process delves into such issues as what kind of accommodations the cat will have, frequency of feeding and provisions for veterinary care.

There is demand for cats to keep the rodent population under control in area barns.

Staff reported a lot of the cats placed in Brampton’s program are older stray tom cats that are used to living outside.

They also suggested the Town adopt an application system similar to the one in Brampton, to help make sure cats are placed in environments that best suit their individual needs.

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