Weekend Pet Adoption Event at the North Florida Fairgrounds

Tallahassee, FL – An event taking place this weekend at the North Florida fairgrounds aims to place hundreds of homeless cats and dogs in forever homes.

WCTV spoke with the woman that organized the event and two of of the twelve rescue groups that are involved, about why it's so important for the community to consider adoption.

Amy Raddar, Leon County Humane Society: “Each year we take in roughly 10 thousand animals at our animal shelter and we have to euthanize about 5 thousand.”

The take me home pet adoption event at the north florida fairgrounds this saturday morning hopes to change that statistic and encourage the public to adopt and save a life.

Amy Raddar, Leon County Humane Society: “There will be multiple groups out there. They are bringing cats and dogs and we're hoping to have a huge turnout and get a lot of the dogs and cats homes.”

Be the Solution, Inc. Is one of many organizations involved in the event this weekend. Their store in the Tallahassee Mall sells donated household items to help raise money and provide financial assistance to those who can not afford to get their pets spayed or neutered.

Gerry Phipps, President &Founder, Be the Solution, Inc.: “Be The Solution will be there with be there with spay neuter vouchers, there's going to be lots of local vendors, lots of opportunities for people to see pet related items, raffles, give-a-ways, food vendors, it's going to be a lot of fun, a lot of animals are going to come out and hopefully get adopted.”

The event organizer, Grayce Berman, says she started putting this event together last April because of her love for animals and her desire to help animals in shelters find forever homes.

Grayce Berman, Organizer, Take Me Home Pet Adoption: “I started transporting dogs from the Chipley shelter out in Chipley, Florida and I've now become involved and I'm trying to find all their dogs homes and at the same time working with the local rescue groups and the shelters here.”

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