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og Adoption Tips As You Embark on Your New Life Together

Dear Dog Parents,

Welcome to the New Year! With the paw-liday season being a popular time to fetch a new dog or puppy, I thought it’d be a good idea to share a few helpful dog-training and management tips to help all of you start out on the right paw.

Here are the four tenets of my Mutt Model:

Know Your Animal!

Settling in to a new home and lifestyle takes time for any animal — human or non-human,–especially when cultural norms vary. We inquisitive canines come with a pre-installed list of species-specific behaviors, such as jumping up to say hello, eliminating where and when we feel the urge, and chewing whatever strikes our fancy. These traits are what make us dogs dogs. If you find them to be more annoying than cute, it’ll be important for you to take the time to teach your pooch what it is you want, and where and when you want it.

Whaddya Want?

Do you want your dog to know the rules of the household such as where and when to go to the bathroom, sitting, and lying down? How about walking on a leash? If any of these behaviors, or others, strike your fancy, then plan a routine right away. Puppies, adult dogs, purebreds, rescues; it doesn’t matter how old or where they came from, every dog will need to be taught what you want. Just because an animal knows how to behave in one place doesn’t mean they’ll figure out how to transfer these skills to their new home without a few instructions. You might want to sign up for a class, or take the DIY approach and homeschool. Either way, your dog will learn, plus it’ll be a nice way to strengthen your new friendship.

Reward. Reward. Reward.

Whether relocating from a shelter to a high-rise in the city, or from a breeder’s home to a ranch out in the country (and everything in between), you’ll need to take the time to reward your new pooch for doing what you want, when you want, and where you want. You can never thank an animal enough for making good choices, especially for things like going to the bathroom outdoors in the middle of winter!

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