County Receives $2K for Pet Adoption Programs – The Valley News

Riverside County supervisors today accepted a $2,000 grant for the Department of Animal Services to apply to programs that save the lives of pets that might otherwise be euthanized.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals — ASPCA — awarded the funds, which the nonprofit received from FidoPharm, a New York- based pet health products company.

FidoPharm and the ASPCA partnered to promote “live release” programs around the country, with the emphasis on moving abandoned and abused dogs and cats out of shelters through adoptions, rescue transfers and foster care, according to animal services documents.

The agency said that in 2011, roughly 11,000 canines and 2,800 felines placed in shelters countywide were adopted, redeemed by their owners or transferred to pet rescue facilities.

Originally posted here:  County Receives $2K for Pet Adoption Programs :: The Valley News.