Young shelter helpers an inspiration

Well, it seems that 2013 is off to a great start thanks to two little girls with gigantic hearts.

Megan Stevens and Saige Hollett, both 11, have been doing all kinds of things to support the animals for several months now, and they didn’t rest during their time off at Christmas as the girls staged a bake sale to raise funds to help the shelter. This very successful venture raised $160! Megan and Saige did all the baking themselves, organized the event, spread the word, and set up at the Adoption Centre on Saturday, Jan. 5.

These little ladies are inspiring. Too young to be official volunteers, the pair think of all kinds of creative things they can do to help homeless animals. They have staged food drives, have helped out with our pasta dinner, made blankets for the cats and much more. Their positive energy, commitment and creativity is amazing, and very contagious.

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