Star volunteers at Cayman Islands Humane Society

Whenever Alex Strickland and Emily Connor have any time off, they head straight for the Cayman Islands Humane Society animal shelter, spending hours each day caring for abandoned and homeless cats and dogs.

Alex, 13, and Emily, 10, are among the youngest volunteers at the shelter and their dedication, initiative and hard work earns them high praise from Humane Society staff and other volunteers.

“They’re very dedicated volunteers, they’ll do anything. They don’t sit around and wait to be told what to do, you can really depend on them,” said Jason Jairam, manager of the shelter.

Longtime volunteer Aileen Samuel said: “They’re such committed volunteers. I’m sick and tired of people saying young people never do anything – these two are always helping out and using their own initiative.”

She recalled a recent dog adoption day at Camana Bay when the pair took it upon themselves to walk around the area and sell the doggie biscuits and Christmas cards on sale at the Humane Society stall. “They sold them all,” Ms Samuel said.

The Humane Society staff is always looking for volunteers and if they can find more like Emily and Alex, they’ll be more than happy, Mr. Jairam said.

Both kids are dog lovers and both own labradors – and also share another important attribute, which is important in the shelter that houses scores of animals. “I don’t have a very good sense of smell,” Alex said.

“Me neither,” Emily said.

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