PAWS of Coronado Dynamic Trio – Meet Winter, Coco, and Cider – Coronado Island (

Winter and his sister Coco were a surprise to the good Samaritans that were feeding their mom…

The family that found Cider didn’t realize that she was pregnant when they started to feed her. They just knew she was social, hungry and seemingly homeless.

They took good care of the beautiful Brown Mackerel Tabby and White Maine Coon cat, but needed to keep her outside since they already had their own indoor cats.

Cider surprised them by giving birth to Coco, the image of her mother and Winter, a handsome White Maine Coon with a whisper of blue atop his head.

They continued to care for Cider as she raised her newborn kittens and when they were weaned and ready for a home of their own, they brought the three cats to the ACF.

The three cats form a nice family unit and look out for each other in the cat community room. Cider and Winter are especially protective of Coco who is the shy one of the trio.

Cider is a gentle and regal girl who appreciates pets and shows her appreciation with a gentle purr. She would do best in a quieter home where she would get lots of attention.

Winter and Coco are both sweet and playful. Winter gains more confidence every day and is learning to love interacting with people. Coco loves being petted, but you have to initiate the petting session taking it slowly so as not to startle her.

Both kittens need an adopter who is cat savvy and is willing to continue their socialization. This is especially true for Coco who we would like to see in a foster home first until she gains confidence in herself and is more trusting of people.

You can meet Cider, Coco and Winter any day between 9:00am and 4:00pm (except holidays). If you are interested in adopting one of these gorgeous cats, you must first complete a Cat Adoption Application and meet with a PAWS of Coronado Cat Adoption Counselor.

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