It Is Time for a Little Christmas Carol – Asheville, NC

From Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, Asheville, NC:

Carol, or “Cece” as her foster mom calls her, is a 3-year-old black and white Shih Tzu mix. We understand she lived in a crate before coming here, so she needs patient socialization. Nonetheless, she is affectionate with humans, enjoying a lap as much as possible, and good with other dogs (all ages, all sizes). She loves to snuggle in her covers or with a human and likes to explore the outside and loll in the sun. She does fine with cats that are used to dogs. Carol is looking for the forever home that she deserves. She is in a foster home now, so if you want to meet Carol or get more information about her email her foster mom at

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue's Adoption Center is located at 31 Glendale Ave., Asheville, NC 28803 or call 828-505-3440 for more information. We are open every day from 9 am to 7 pm.

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