Give careful thought to holiday pet adoption – Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

Alternately drowsing and stretching while lying in a puddle of sunshine on Angela Wallace’s desk, Tux is the local animal shelter’s best example of a successful adoption: Happy … making others around him happy.

Brought in as an injured kitten several years ago, “we went through about three weeks of hot and cold baths within multiple times a day (as part of his treatment),” said Wallace, executive director of the Richard D. Klein Animal Shelter. “Once we got through that, we just couldn’t see him going anywhere else, and he became our shelter kitty.”

The love between Tux and the Klein staff is evident, and very much the goal the shelter has for their residents that are up for adoption. With that in mind, they are very careful to let potential new owners know that adoption is a lifelong commitment, especially when someone asks about adopting a pet as a Christmas gift.

“We actually a lot of people coming in, looking for animals as Christmas gifts – typically it’s going to be parents for their kids, or family members looking (for a pet) for close relative,” she said, “but we’re very careful in who we adopt to during the holidays – we have a policy where we don’t actually adopt animals as gifts.”

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