CRITICAL RT: Two Cats Facing Eviction Need New Home Together – Quickly (Wisconsin Area)

This is super urgent and very sad.  These two are so very loved and our friend wants nothing than the best for them.  They need a home together.  In summary, their landlord is now limiting the number of cats they can have, so these two must be re-homed immediately.

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Big Boy is a 20 lb gentle giant. He believes he is a kitten. So don’t be surprised to find him trying to sleep on top of you, or sitting on your lap cutting off circulation to your legs.  He gets along with other cats fine, although he is kind of a “wimp”. The 5 lb kitten we rescued a few years back used to “beat him up” when playing.  He will play hard with all kinds of toys, LOVES to be teased with a small rope string, and will play until exhaustion. He loves to be petted and snuggled.

Lady is large for a girl-cat. She’s the size of a normal sized Tom Cat (which still makes her smaller than her brother Big Boy).Although we originally named her Lady, she looks like a little holstein cow, and her meow sounds like a she’s MooMoos now.  She’s the MASTER of head bumps. LOVES it when you get down on the floor to play with her…or approach her for a head bump session. Her favorite thing is napping on a bed or chair (or your coat if she can pull it off the hook). She WILL be sleeping on your bed…or you will be sleeping on HER bed technically LOL. Her favorite toys are mini tennis balls, large foil crinkle balls, strings with feathers, and her “ball in a ring” toy. She pretends to be grumpy, and will often act angry at the other cats…even “batting” at them, but she hits very soft and I think the other cats think she’s petting them. The only cat she actually interacts with is Big Boy, who she enjoys beating up (in a cute fun way). She will snuggle on your lap until  your legs fall asleep. Then wake up and go take a nap. She LOVES to be warm…and will lay on a heated blanket until we’re afraid she’s roasting herself. She occasionally has a sensitive tummy problems, so we don’t change her food brand, or give her wet food or treats. She LOVES her dry kibble

The beautiful cats above are Big Boy and MooMoos (Lady)… they’re littermates.
These two great cats need a new forever home.  They are 4 years old, and have been with us a little over two years. We hate to let them go, but we have no choice. Here’s a little backstory about why.

Several years ago, I had two wonderful cats ( Bill The Cat and Tiger Tommy…if you’re on twitter they’re @_Bill_The_Cat and @TheNascarKitty). They lived a very long great life, going to rainbow bridge in late 2009 and 2010 respectively, at the great ages of 18 and 22 years old). I had them from just after birth and they made me a cat lover. They were both rescued from certain death and where my first cats.

After Bill & Tiger passed, over the years I rescued 5 other cats, including Big Boy and MooMoos. At the time I owned a large home and actually also “rescued” my teenage niece Sara by adopting her in her time of need. As the economy turned south, I was laid off permanantly from work, and during my job search I ended up losing the house to foreclosure and moving to an apartment that let me “pretend” to have only two cats and looked the other way.

I found a great job in a distant city, and commuted 90 miles a day for a couple years, but the travel time, lack of sleep and stress took it’s toll and to save my own health, Sara &  I had to move to a new apartment in the city I work in.

Long story short, we could not find a single apartment that would allow 5 cats, even with a great referal from our current landlord, so we did what nearly everybody we know does….listed two cats and planned to keep the others secret.

This worked well, until a month ago when the building superintendant let herself into the apartment, along with her husband and a contractor that was making a quote to do some future work on the building. They entered every apartment with no advance notice, (they apologized for forgetting to give the required 24 hour notice). They also reported all the extra animals in the building to the landlord, who eventually (very politely and professionally) contacted each tenant to make arrangements for updating their leases to be current and truthful. (The superintendant has been fired for these unlawful entries.)

In our case, he agreed to let us keep 3 cats, even though it’s strictly against the lease (two cat maximum) (we also had to pay an extra $750 non-refundable pet deposit and an extra $75 a month rent-which we happily agreed to). That means we have to rehome 2 of the cats. And, unlike many other tenants who didn’t want to pay a deposit, or extra rent, and just dumped their pets on the pound or turned them out, I cannot bear to let my beloved pets go unless I know they are going to a good home where they get proper love, attention and protection.

I know that when you adopt a pet, you are adopting them forever, and I agree that’s the case, but I also know that I can’t risk losing our home, and the home of the other 3 cats we have, all of who have special needs. We will cry many tears and feel an empty spot in our heart, but we know Big Boy & MooMoos will do the best of them in a new home, as long as they are together.

We rescued these two from a basement they were being kept in when they were 2. They had been left with somebody while their owner went on vacation. The owner got arrested and ended up in prison down south somewhere for many years, and the cat sitters had no interest in having them, so he put them on Crasigslist. Both kitties eat Purina ONE Indoor Advantage and do very well on it. It’s a little more expensive than a lot of foods it uses real chicken and good ingredients. They are both neutered, and are NOT declawed. We trim their nails often, and although they pretend to protest they let us get away with it.

Time for a new home!

Please help spread the word! We need to find them a new home, preferably within a couple hours of Madison, WI (we will deliver if needed). They really don’t like car rides, so we don’t want them to have to endure too long a ride if we can help it. We will provide a bag of their food, a bunch of toys, and one of their litter boxes (so they have one with their own scent on it). Will will also send a blanket with our scent on it so they have a familiar scent to comfort themselves as they acclimate to their new home.
As the days go by we will add to this blog with fun facts, photos  and info about Big Boy and MooMoos.

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