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Things do get frenzied around the holidays, and every year, we promise we will not get roped in again, but we do. Without planning to do so, I found a perfect way to take a time out.

Last Friday I spent a few hours at the SPCA Tampa Bay. We have our quota of cats and dogs are not allowed in our complex, so we did not go to adopt an animal. The people at the shelter readily accept that someone who loves animals may just want to visit them.

We checked out the dogs in their wonderful pens. It struck me immediately that none were barking or jumping up to get noticed. They were all docile and content – so quiet! I could barely hear music playing in the background, and I, too, began to relax. I have heard of calming music for animals, but this is the first time I actually witnessed it.

What a pleasure it was to get nose-to-nose with them. Looking into their eyes, I felt a connection to them all. That lasted about 20 minutes until their lunchtime, when one of the volunteers walked through with a food bowl. They were happy to see her and their barks let her know. There is no rule that says they cannot bark when they get excited. Meditation time after lunch, just before a nice afternoon nap, I am sure.

From there, we peered into the small animal room where we saw a bird and a rat, but were unable to see who else was there. Handlers were giving special treatment to one critter, and we did not wish to disturb anyone. How nice to see a special place for the little ones, though.

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