Pet adoption law ignored by shelters

Ryan Myracle has adopted two pit pulls and two cats from the Jackson-Madison County Animal Shelter. He helped a friend adopt a chow chow.

His most recent adoption was in July, when he took home a pit bull that was about to be euthanized. Her ears had been cut by her previous owner, but Myracle described her as beautiful.

“She is the best dog I have ever had, and she was an hour away from death,” he said.

As with his other pet adoptions, Myracle filled out paperwork, which asked for his name, phone number and address. A friend paid the shelter fee, and Myracle was handed a voucher for a free rabies shot. The adoption process took less than 10 minutes.

Myracle signed a paper notifying him he was required to have his dog spayed, but nothing was mentioned about a spay-neuter program or a deposit that would be refunded to him after he had the dog spayed.

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