Involve Entire Family in Pet Adoption, Experts Say –

It’s hard to resist a playful puppy or a furry little kitten when picking one out as a Christmas gift. However, a pet as a surprise present might not be a great idea.

“Pets are great for Christmas, if you know what you are getting into,” said Courtney Kemer, director of the Springdale Animal Shelter.

Kemer said the entire family should be involved in the adoption process.

“It’s good to see how the family interacts,” Kemer said. “It’s a living, breathing animal and it’s not just something you can return.”

Carol Wagner, Bentonville certified veterinarian technician, said sometimes it’s not a happy holiday ending.

“There are so many in the shelter that people got as a Christmas gift and ended up taking it back to the shelter because it didn’t work out,” Wagner said.

Wagner said a pet means a long-term commitment of up to 12 years or more.

“If you think it’s great to get a puppy or great to get a dog, your spouse may not or you may find out your child is allergic. A surprise isn’t always good,” Wagner said. “A pet is forever, so make sure it’s a forever fit.”

Adam Parisi visited the Fayetteville Animal Shelter Saturday with two of his four sons: Zachary, 13, and Luke Parisi, 11.

Parisi said he brought his sons to decide which pet was a good fit for his family.

More here: Involve Entire Family in Pet Adoption, Experts Say | — Ft. Smith, Fayetteville, Bentonville News & Weather from KFSM and KXNW Television.

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7 years ago

I could not agree more! I was just getting ready to post my blog on the same subject for Tampa Bay Pets. I posted your in my socials. I am so behind!