Animal adoptions increase during the holidays – The Maneater

Columbia Second Chance and the Central Missouri Humane Society are hosting adoption events during this holiday season.

The events have been successful, Second Chance Executive Director Valerie Chaffin said. Chaffin said she sees an increase in pet adoptions during the holidays.

There is a fee associated with adopting an animal, but during December, the shelters are willing to make a deal.

For this holiday season, both shelters will let customers name their price when adopting a cat, but not when adopting a kitten at the Humane Society, according to the society’s website.

Cats are harder to place, Chaffin said.

Usually, cat adoptions cost $75 at the Humane Society.

Dogs are more expensive. Chaffin said dogs cost $125 at Second Chance, and they cost $100 on the Humane Society website. Puppies are even more expensive, costing $120, according to the website.

Adoption fees help to cover costs associated with adoption, such as getting pets spayed or neutered, Chaffin said.

During the week after Thanksgiving, the Humane Society had a Whisker Wonderland special where all animals more than six months old cost $30, according to its Facebook page. Thirty-eight animals were adopted that weekend.

Overall, more dogs found homes than cats.

“The sheer volume of cats makes it harder to get them adopted,” Chaffin said in an email.

Second Chance has been running a holiday campaign called, “A Second Chance for Sweet Dreams,” according to a flier. As part of this campaign, the shelter has hosted adoption events at Petco on Saturdays and at Petsmart on Sundays. Also, they have been taking pet pictures with Santa at the Columbia Mall. Each of these events is volunteer-run.

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