FINAL UPDATE: Ditched By a Rescue, Miss Kitty Got Her Christmas Wish

FINAL UPDATE:  In the true spirit of Christmas, Miss Kitty has gotten her wish.  She has been adopted by her guardian angel, the wonderful lady that was taking care of her.  They became close and her guardian angel felt like they had been through so much together that she just needed to make her home there.    That is such wonderful news and I wanted to let you all know about the happy ending.  Her kitten was adopted earlier.

Here is the original post:

Hello, I am Miss Kitty and this is my story…

For several months I was hanging around in the woods pretty close to a place where a human lady lives. I was very skinny and, given that I didn’t have much choice, I finally got my courage up and trusted the human lady enough to go over and get something to eat. I sure was hungry. What the nice human lady didn’t realized is that I was pregnant. Oh, she did notice after I started gaining a little weight.

The nice human lady doesn’t know much about kitties, she has a doggie, but she thought she had best try to help me out. She contacted a friend who told her about a couple of cat rescues that might be able to help me. She contacted one of them and they asked her if she could keep feeding me for a couple of weeks until they could arrange a foster home for me. Several weeks went by and my Guardian Angel lady made plans for me to be picked up to go to my foster home. Guess what? The night before I was to go to my foster home the rescue emailed my lady and cancelled. But they PROMISED they would be in touch and that I WAS NEXT IN LINE for a foster home. We heard nothing. My lady sent three different messages to them trying to help me. They finally wrote back and said that they wouldn’t be able to take me. Is that the way this is supposed to work? They promised to help me.

In the meantime I have given birth to one sweet little kitten.

We are both currently living in my Guardian Angel’s garage, but we can’t say here. Do you think you could spread the word and see if you can find some place for me and my baby? .

Please share and share and share and lets help this sweet Mommy and her little one. Contact me Brian at brianfrum (at) gmail (dot) com if you can help.


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8 years ago

So happy that Miss Kitty has been adopted:)