Sayreville Pet Adoption Center announces closure –

The Sayreville Pet Adoption Center announced they will close the facility as of December 31, 2012. The center cared for more than 120 animals daily.

“We have always strived to provide a clean and safe facility along with the best veterinary care for our shelter pets in a warm and nurturing environment,” said Barbara Keegan, shelter director. “This endeavor has been a joy and a labor of love. Unfortunately, like so many others, we have fallen victim to the economy.”

The shelter lost their municipal contracts over a year ago. That loss combined with the rising costs of vaccines, medications, supplies, utilities, maintenance and upkeep of the shelter took its toll on their budget. The impact of Hurricane Sandy did not help matters.

“Although it is difficult, we are forced to think with our heads instead of our hearts and to face the fact that even with the overwhelming outpouring of donations and support from our many friends, we simply cannot sustain operations any longer,” continued Keegan.

During 2012, the shelter was able to find homes for 450 pets that otherwise had nowhere else to go. The SPAC still has over 80 dogs and cats that are looking for their forever homes.

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