Families grow after pet adoption event in South Ogden

The lobby of Young Subaru was overrun with dogs Saturday as the dealership hosted a huge pet adoption session.

The event was hosted by South Ogden city officials and animal rescue groups from all over the county, mirroring the regular weekend adoptions they run at local pet stores.

But this was much larger, beginning at noon with about 100 dogs and 20 cats available to be “re-homed.” All had been separated from their owners, either unceremoniously dumped to be picked up on the street by animal control, or surrendered by owners to shelters.

As of 2 p.m., about 50 of the dogs had found new homes, organizers said, talking as the myriad dogs strained at their leashes, greeting everyone, excitedly leaping about, barking and playing in the crowded lobby.

Two veterinary technician students who had planned to put on a canine tooth-cleaning seminar said the place was too crowded.

“There’s too many people,” said Nicole Nye, of Broadview University.

In contrast, obviously more aloof cats declined to “audition,” lounging in their cages, oblivious.

Also on hand were celebrities — three Chihuahua-mix dogs among 149 taken from the home of an Ogden man overwhelmed in his efforts to care for them.

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