Pet Adoption and Fate

If you have been thinking about adding a fur-kid as a forever family member, as far as this writer is concerned, one of the best ways to find that perfect pet (or two) is by checking out a local animal shelter, or a veterinary clinic; many of which always have animals in their care who are more than eager to be adopted into a loving home.

Often included in the nominal adoption fee are services such as neutering, spaying, micro-chipping and vaccinations. Additionally, folks who are looking for a specific breed, pure breed dog and cat rescue groups are great resources, and in the majority of cases helpful background information about the specific pet is available.

But, to be honest, over the years it has been my experience that whenever I begin yearning deeply for an addition to our fur-family, (especially if this longing comes out of the blue), it is because there is pet out there who has been searching for me. And while this theory may sound a bit off the wall, I am not alone in this belief. Many of my critter-loving friends also feel that when a person is truly ready to make a lifelong commitment to a companion animal, somehow- even if the reason remains a mystery- that the pet finds us.

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