Special Needs Kitten Needs a Special Home – Greenville, SC

Meet Bunny aka Bun Bun


She’s the perfect balance between sweet and feisty. Bunny is an affectionate lap cat and loves nothing better then to cuddle up on your lap while you sit and watch TV or work on the computer. She’s intelligent with excellent problem solving skills, fun loving and talkative, loves to play and chase balls with her funny, rabbit hop run. She’s great with other cats and holds her own, even though she’s small for her age.


Bunny believes, rightly so, that in many ways she is just like any other fun loving kitten, but she was born with Manx Syndrome. The condition causes her to hop like a rabbit and also to be incontinent. A raw diet and one simple medication, plus wearing diapers helps Bunny’s foster parents take care of her with ease. Ideally Bunny would be adopted by someone who already has a cat with Manx Syndrome or by someone who wants to do a doubly kind thing and adopt a special needs cat.

DOB: 3/25/2012
Breed/Color: DSH, Manx-no tail, silver tabby
Fully vetted

No adoption fee with approved application. Contact Diana Riglet @ 323.630.1437/dianarig94117@yahoo.com.

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8 years ago

Bunny is so cute! Hope you get a wonderful home Bunny.