Adopt a Senior Pet Month Is Here

Throughout the month of November, rescue organizations and shelters from coast to coast are encouraging individuals to consider older pets when adding a new four-legged family member. That's right, it's time for Adopt a Senior Pet Month.

On the heels of October's Adopt a Shelter Pet Month, November's event promotes the benefits of owning a senior pet — and shines attention on the many older animals who are often passed over at shelters in favor of younger dogs and cats.

In support of the event, adoption advocates are highlighting reasons to adopt an older pet, pointing out that senior pets are often easier to train, calmer and more affectionate, and settle down quickly with both humans and other pets.

Online pet adoption sites such as are also joining in, highlighting senior pets looking for a forever home. Many local rescue shelters are also promoting Adopt a Senior Pet Month by raising awareness of the needs — and the benefits — of senior pets.

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