One dog’s journey out of the jaws of death

It takes a village to save a dog.

But first it takes one spark from the one person who plows ahead, heart first….the one who takes the lead, personally takes on the responsibility, puts things in motion even as her stomach churns and she's wondering how it can be done, how it can be funded, and who will ultimately give this one a forever home.

Let's start at the beginning….once upon a time, there was a dog with a backstory that no one will ever know. He was running through traffic and was picked up by Animal Care and Control with no collar, tag or microchip. Soon he was in their truck and then a shelter cage, now a ward of the county. He was given the name Buddy and he'd race the clock to be adopted before his time ran out.

More here: One dog's journey out of the jaws of death – National Dog Rescue |

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8 years ago

So many homes are needed. One animal at a time.