Donation helps lower pet adoption costs – Brownsville Herald

How much is that doggy or kitty in the window? How does $70 sound?

The Brownsville animal shelter has temporarily reduced the adoption fees for dogs and cats by $25, hoping to relocate more animals housed at the shelter into their own homes.

Any dog or cat may be adopted through Monday for $70, and to give every animal a better chance for adoption the shelter’s doors will be open Sunday — a day when the shelter is normally closed. The regular adoption fee is $95.

Robert Dippong, director at the Brownsville Animal Regulation Care Center, said more than 90 dogs and puppies await adoption as well as more than 50 cats and kittens.

“We just get a mixture of everything here. Any animal that someone is looking for, if they take the time to come to the animal shelter they will find it here,” he said.

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