Pasco Animal Control takes steps to become no kill shelter

Pasco County, Florida, is moving away from the quick euthanasia policies of neighboring counties like Hernando, and is instead working toward turning the county animal shelter into a no kill facility.

The animal shelter is holding an event called, “Government going to the dogs,” on Friday, to showcase animals in need of new homes.

On Tuesday, County Commissioner Pat Mulieri said in an email, “Recently I have become involved with activists trying to change animal control into a no kill shelter…We are trying to showcase animals to get them forever homes. Most people do not even know about the shelter off of Lake Patience Road on Dog Patch Lane.”

Trying to save the lives of abandoned pets can be a heart wrenching task. Not all animals are suitable for new homes, due to excessive abuse or neglect by their former owners, or serious health issues. The ones that do manage to beat the odds once they have been rejected, can still find the wait for the right new owner a long and discouraging process.

More here: Pasco Animal Control takes steps to become no kill shelter – Tampa Bay animal welfare |

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8 years ago

Fantastic news, wish all shelters were no kill.

8 years ago

Little by little great changes are made. Great post, Brian.