Help Little Sophie Cat Find a Forever Home and Pay Her Surgery Bill – Miami, FL

Reposted from Riverfront Cats, Downtown Miami: Sophie undergoes surgery 1.13 pounds

Sophie recuperating after leg surgery

Sophie is a 2 month old kitten that was discovered alongside the Miami River. She has a bad hind leg and it looks twisted and entirely out of hip socket that she drags her leg around.

Sophie dragging her bum leg

At the vet, we learned that she has hip dysplasia and the femur and tibia were dislocated.

Sophie underwent surgery at 1.13 pounds to see if the leg could be saved and corrected where she could walk on it. The leg was turned to a straight position. The femur and tibia had to be fused together and a plate was installed to keep it straight. So while she would never be able to bend the right hind leg, we're hoping she can still utilize the leg for walking or as a crutch so her weight does not lean on one side.

The Xrays below are before the surgery.

That's her leg she used to hold straight up in the air.

The bottom leg is clearly twisted starting at hip

Her recovery was quick and she was walking within a few days and running or really hopping to keep up with her very active brothers Figaro and Luciano. But she was lifting the leg. Only time would tell if nerves would regenerate or lose sensation.

Kittens and cats are amazing creatures in that they are stoic and will endure great pain with little to no signs. Their resilience and will to live is even greater. This is why we go to lengths to help these innocent, homeless creatures who are beyond happy to have a safe shelter, food and affection. Sophie knows we saved her so much that she yells for affection and wants to curl on your lap and have you stroke her tricolor fur. Her purring rivals that of a humming muscle car. Should have named her Mustang Sally! She is in earthly heaven.

You could be that new wonderful haven and heaven. We are trying to find a permanent home for Sophie. Special needs kittens bring such joy beyond words. But she doesn't know she's special needs. Sophie runs (in her bunny hop style), climbs and plays like any other kitten. In the future she may not be able to jump as high which can be a positive. Please contact us at

The surgery was $1,300 at Animal Welfare Society in Miami, FL on 27th Avenue. If you would please consider a donation of any amount to help Sophie, please go to middle column under Donation Button where you can easily pay with credit, debit or PayPal. Little Sophie thanks you!

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