Urgent Appeal for a guinea pig in need

This is re-posted from my friend Speedy the cheeky house bunny.

Today a friend of Speedy's was contacted to try and get help for a little female Guinea pig who is in a lot of pain and is in need if medical help the poor little mite appears to have kidney or bladder stones.The owner is in difficulties her self and is unable to pay for the that help for her little friend.Lets see what we all can do to get this help Guinea pig if and body can help with donations or or knows any one who can give the medical help please contact Brandi at Voices for Rabbits or the Etherbun community.

Having had a rabbit with Bladder stones I know how painful this can be Lets all work together to get the help that is needed!


Donations can be made through SpecialBunny Web Site Via pay pal on their donation page,please indicate the Funds are for “PIGGY” or email them on their contact form telling them about your doanation and that it is for Guinea pig as they have agreed to help where they can and act as the intermediary between the funds collected and the vet.

Thank you

From your Friends

Speedy and His Mum


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Speedy Rabbit
8 years ago

Thank you so much for posting this,Toni the guinea pig is receiving Pain killers to make her more comfortable and test have been started but she needs all the help we can give her to continue with her treatment,Thank you for all your help,Speedy and Mum

8 years ago

Wow, I managed to donate but they sure don’t make it easy! Hope PIGGY is getting other donations.