Kitty left outside after owner died – Salt Lake City, UT


This is Tara, who runs Save A Heeler. I dropped by an Estate Sale today in Salt Lake City and there was an extremely friendly kitty who was running out from the stoop, greeting all of the cars. I was told that he had been the owner’s cat, and the elderly owner had died. Evidently there is no family that will take him. I confirmed with several neighbors that he had been the elderly person’s cat. He is just gorgeous- fluffy orange, with green eyes and half of a tail (?).

He is so sweet and “makes biscuits” with his feet when you’re talking to him. I cannot bring him to my house because I’m past my limit with cats, am in an apt., and I have a hubby and three dogs. Please forward to anyone you know that can help. I found a temp. foster until Wed., but I have nowhere for him to go after that. People can email me at   (  if they can help me to help him.

Thank you!


via lizardmarsh: Salt Lake City UT: Kitty left outside after owner died.

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Marjorie Dawson
8 years ago

Brian, BRIAN!!!!! * waves frantically *

I was in touch with Tara this a.m. as, like you I was hugely worried about this ginger soul. I have received this message from her.

“I have him in temp foster now, and I have an interested adopter in CO. I’m working on getting the home check done and then hopefully going forward with the adoption. Thank you so much for helping to post him!”

Your help, the twitter shares and all the notice taken of our ginger friend have been a help!!

8 years ago

This is one of the saddest stories ever, and I am happy to hear there is hope for this little guy.

8 years ago

Sp glad to hear this boy has a possible home. I am praying that the adoption goes thru and he goes to a lovely home. Let us know if transport help is needed.