Diabetic cats in desperate need of caring new owners – United Kingdom

Two diabetic cats who need regular insulin injections are in urgent need of loving homes with new owners who can cope with their medical condition.

Felix, 14, and Poppy, 10, have both been cared for by staff at Cats Protection's National Cat Adoption Centre, in Chelwood Gate, since being handed in separately by their previous owners.

They have both been waiting to find new homes for around six months and Deputy Manager Tania Marsh said many would-be owners were worried about taking on a diabetic cat.

But she said that while they will both need extra care and attention, taking on a cat with medical issues need not be a major undertaking.

She said: “Felix and Poppy were handed in by separate owners, both in March, and have been waiting to find new owners ever since.

“They both need twice daily insulin injections and a strict diet but other than that they lead normal, happy lives and have so much to offer a new owner.

“Felix is a very gentle and calm cat who loves being stroked and Poppy is a really lively, friendly girl who loves children so would be ideal in a family home.

“Both cats cope with the injections very well, they do not find it stressful and it's just part of their lives.

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