Cat ‘condos’ promote adoptions

Rui Bastos-Amaro didn’t mince words. “I’m not a cat person,” he said.

But this attitude did not represent the rest of the Bastos-Amaro family, who turned out Saturday to inspect the felines at Pet Food Express’ new Cat Adoption Center at Bel Aire Plaza.

Six-year-old Gabriel Bastos-Amaro and his two brothers, Tiago, 8, and Dominic, 4, waved excitedly at the smorgasbord of cats on display behind glass, while their mom, Danaya, tried to keep the boys quiet.

Watching his family light up in the presence of a potential house pet, Rui Bastos-Amaro noted that one of his sons had been “bothering me for a cat forever.” This son is “a super cat person,” he said.

A few hours later, Bastos-Amaro and his family went home to St. Helena not with one cat, but two — Tom, a 3-year-old indoor cat, and Pepe Le Pew, a kitten, whom one of the boys renamed Simba.

Saturday was the grand opening of Napa County Animal Shelter’s first Cat Adoption Center. Pet Food Express spent close to $200,000 to remodel the Napa store to accommodate the new center with input from Napa Humane and Napa County Animal Shelter representatives, according to Pet Food Express. The Napa adoption center is the pet supply company’s fifth.

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