Jo-Jo and Hershey Bear Need a Forever Together Home

You can find out more about these two love bugs: HERE.

Here is what Chrystal had to say…

Today’s featured kitties are Jo-Jo and Hershey Bear. These two kittens are being highlighted first because they are living in my house. It would be wonderful if they could be chosen right away and never actually live in the cathouse. The reason they are here is two-fold. Jo-Jo came in as the youngest of the nine kittens we have taken in these last few months. She was living in our house so she could get a little bigger before we introduced her to the much larger kittens in the cathouse. Then a few weeks ago, I noticed that a kitten in the cathouse was regressing in terms of socialization. I was losing progress with Hershey Bear. I decided to bring him back to the house. He and Jo-Jo could play, and I could force some human love on the little guy and see if I could bring him back around. Not long after Hershey Bear came to the house, my DiMarno caught a cold. I figured I was about to see it run through every cat in the house, but it did not. It was only picked up by the two youngsters – Jo-Jo and Hershey Bear. Once they had colds, I couldn’t put them in the cathouse. So they stayed even longer than I had originally planned. Now that everybody is healthy again, there are two reasons these youngsters haven’t moved to the cathouse. One – Hershey Bear has made so much progress; and two – Jo-Jo LOVES us. I think it would crush her to be away from the life she now knows with people. You see, in the cathouse, there are toys and scratching posts and cozy places to curl up in. There are other cats to be friends with. There is food and fresh water. But there are no human family members. Yes, I am in the cathouse EVERY day, usually more than once a day. And I talk to, pet, and play with everybody in that house. But it is NOT like having a human family of your very own. I wish for homes so fervently – because I need space to take in more needy ones, but also because I wish for EVERY cat in the cathouse a forever home and human of his or her very own.

Jo-Jo meets NO strangers. She is about three or four months old now. She is not yet spayed, and if adopted right away would have to be spayed by her new owner when that time comes. She loves every cat and every human. She has been exposed to my indoor dogs and does ok with them, too. She is playful and extremely loving. She plays hard, sleeps hard, and insists on attention.

Hershey Bear is less forward than Jo-Jo. In fact, he still spooks pretty easily. He had regressed in the cathouse to the point of avoiding interaction with me, but that is over. Hershey Bear now finds his way into bed with me EVERY night. He crawls right up under my chin, and flips (yes, flips) onto his back. He rolls around on me and slips into heaven when I shower him with affection. He plays more with Jo-Jo than with any of the other cats in my house, but he likes them all. He, too, has been exposed to my dogs and he tolerates them. He LOVES to stare out the windows. He is about four or five months old now and already neutered. I named him because when we rescued him he was a mixture of black and chocolate brown. Now every single hair that used to be milk chocolate-colored is a smokey gray color. He is absolutely stunning.

Please spread the word and help find them the purrfect together forever home.


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Random Felines
8 years ago

Plus, we can arrange transport…. 🙂