Lackawanna County residents support pet adoption events

Pets put on show to support others

Pets, and pet owners, found unique ways to give and get support in Lackawanna County on Sunday.

Denise Kumor's journey started more than 12 years ago, when her “soul mate,” Tracey, a Jack Russell terrier, died in her arms.

Lonely and upset, Ms. Kumor started an animal rescue and hospice care program called Tracey's Hope – aimed at providing grieving families with support, and matching rescue dogs with loving owners.

“When Tracey died, I was devastated – I needed support,” Ms. Kumor said. “Sometimes people who lose their pets are embarrassed to grieve, but, really, on the inside they are devastated.

“One of the things we do as an organization is provide an outlet for those owners.”

On Sunday, Ms. Kumor preached the importance of such a program to the several hundred animal lovers and pet owners who attended the organization's “Raising the Woof” fundraiser. Held at the Genetti Manor, the event featured a live performance by songwriter and cartoonist Guy Gilchrist, an assortment of items for sale – ranging from handmade dog collars to stuffed animals – and photographs of animals that are up for adoption.

“This is our big fundraiser,” Ms. Kumor said. “The services we provide are absolutely essential, but very expensive. These contributions or donations keep us afloat.”

In addition to its hospice care program, Tracey's Hope also provides pet boarding and grooming.

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