Who Is Alexandra? Where is Montenegro? And How Can We Help Her Cats?

One of the wonderful things about being an cat writer and animal rescue advocate it the wonderful people you meet on your journey. You never know who you are going to meet and where your journey will lead you. By way of my new friend Laurel, I learned about a wonderful lady name Alexandra and the amazing things she does to help the feral and homeless cats of her country.

So who is Alexandra?

Alexandra lives with her beautiful cat Usyaka in the country of Montenegro. First, let me say that you really need to visit her website, the photographs of her cat are absolutely stunning. In Montenegro there really aren’t shelters to help the homeless critters the way you and I are accustomed to seeing. Alexandra’s heart aches for the kitties in need and she is determined to help as many of them as she can, often funding their care out of her own pocket.

Alexandra raises funds for her rescue work via her CafePress site which features images on Usyaka on a wonderful assortment of items. Others are helping too. Victoria Butterell, a watercolorist in Britain painted quite an evocative watercolor of Usyaka sharpening her nose, and 100% of the funds from the sale have been transferred to Alexandra. The stories from Alexandra are moving, like the little kitty Beliy with a hurt paw who was so thin he could hardly stand up in the wind. Beliy is now, according to Alexandra, “fat, round, bold and active”.

So where is Montenegro?

The Republic of Montenegro is located in the southeastern region of the European continent. In the southern region of the country, there is an Adriatic Sea coast. The neighboring countries are Croatia in the western side, Bosnia and Herzegovina in the northwestern side, Serbia in the northeastern side and Albania in the southeastern side of Montenegro.


So how can we help Alexandra’s cats?

Obviously, purchasing items from her CafePress Store is one option, but the question is really bigger than that. Montenegro doesn’t do PayPal, and the fees associated with Western Union transactions are excessive.

I would like to ask you. How can we effectively contribute funds to her cause? Have any of you had any experience with international relief efforts of this nature? If you have, please share in the comments. If you haven’t, please ask those that you know. A little help for one who does so much can go a long way, if we can only figure out the best way to help.



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8 years ago

Brian, you have captured this complexity perfectly! Or should I say “purrfectly”?! Thank you thank you, a thousand times thank you!

I hope your readers have ideas how to manage an international effort and make it as simple as possible to help Alexandra help those cats.


8 years ago

Brian, thank you so much for your help! I received the link to your post after a very dark day when I had very few positive thoughts left. You and Laurel brought the positive energy back to me. Thank you and my best wishes to you all, and the animals who were so lucky to meet you.