Kelly McConnaughey: Woodbridge Angel Paws may open a trendy cat cafe

Kelly McConnaughey wants to turn any attention she gets from her recent volunteer award from the township of Woodbridge into something that will help her “pet” cause – Angel PAWS shelter in Colonia. “The recognition from the township is certainly a great avenue to bring attention to all of our animals awaiting their forever home. It is also a great way to get the word out about volunteering and our shelter. I am very honored to have received this award.” Award in hand, she was already planning for the future, which may include “cat cafes.”

Cat cafes started in Taipei and Tokyo and enjoy huge popularity with cat lovers, who pay $11 an hour to spend some time with an animal available for adoption.

Kelly is open to any new way she can increase the amount of attention the shelter receives. So a cat café could be next. “I think the concept of the “cat cafe” would be a great way to raise money and get the word out about our cats up for adoption. It also would be an avenue for getting cafe visitors to sponsor a cat. A 'virtual' adoption so to speak.”

Cat cafes began in Taiwan and Tokyo in the 1990s and continue today, serving food and drink as well as providing a safe, clean and happy environment for cats to interact with possible owners. The customers pay $11 an hour to enjoy the company of a new cat or kitten. Angel PAWS would create a similar environment for their customers.

Angel PAWS already has a Pet Adoption Center located on Inman Avenue in Colonia. where they provide a Pet Sponsorship Program, which allows families to pay a small monthly fee ($5) to provide for an animal in shelter and help take care of the costs of caring and feeding it.

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