Preschooler asks for pet food instead of toys

While most 3-year-olds are asking for Thomas the Tank Engine, Hot Wheels or building blocks, Brendan Westfall’s birthday wish didn’t include the typical toys kids his age want.

Instead, he asked that would-be gift-givers donate items and food to the Pet Adoption and Welfare Services.

“When we were talking about toys, he had asked if he could give something to the animals instead of presents for himself,” says Brendan’s mom, Ammie Westfall. “At night when we say our prayers, he always remembers kitty cats and puppies who need homes.

“We are big animal lovers,” says Ammie, explaining that she and her son have two cats and a dog, and her mother has six dogs.

More on the original post here: Preschooler asks for pet food instead of toys | The Daily News Journal |

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8 years ago

Such awesome parents, and what a generous hearted boy!

8 years ago

I hope he grows up to run for President!

Marjorie Dawson
8 years ago

This is such a moving little post, and it shows what a wonderful Mum Brendan has.