The Top 10 Reasons to Adopt Dixie Dog – Greenville, SC:


From Pet Tender Angels, Greenville, SC:

THE TOP 10 REASONS TO ADOPT DIXIE #10 DIXIE is a loving cuddly 35 lb bundle of doggie joy #9 DIXIE has the sweet beagle personality loved by all but the little voice of a spaniel #8 DIXIE loves people and kids are great #7 DIXIE is housebroken #6 DIXIE has easy to manage, short, white and red hair with little shedding #5 DIXIE loves to play and life is great #4 DIXIE is great with other dogs #3 DIXIE is a good age at 6 yrs, no chewing and easy to train #2 DIXIE is so sweet and loving and adorable. Just look at that face! AND THE #1 REASON TO ADOPT DIXIE IS THAT SHE WILL LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY AND BE YOUR FRIEND FOREVER Dixie…

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