Shelter celebrates cat day –

Next Tuesday has been designated as National Feral Cat Day, and Pinal County Animal Care and Control will be celebrating a few days earlier today by holding a special cat adoption event at Pet Club in Casa Grande.

Beginning at 10 a.m., PCACC staff and volunteers will set up shop near the entrance to the store, and they will be displaying scores of cute and cuddly cats and kittens that are suitable for adoption.

Due to the newly initiated volunteer program at the PCACC shelter on Eleven Mile Corner Road, just south of the Pinal Fairgrounds & Event Center, all of the cats that are put up for adoption have been handled daily by volunteers. They spend hours every day petting the cats, brushing them and playing with them, so rather than being shy or fearful of humans, PCACC felines are quite accustomed to human contact and are quick to respond to a kind word or a pat on the head.

As usual, all the felines adopted out by PCACC come (to use an automobile dealer’s term) fully detailed and ready to roll. They will have been spayed or neutered, will have had all of their shots, and they will have been implanted with microchips.

More here: Shelter celebrates cat day – Area News.

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8 years ago

Thank you for supporting National Feral Cat Day =^..^=