RIVERSIDE: Pet Adoption Center Celebrates 1,000th 2012 adoption – PE.com

A successful pet adoption is something to commemorate but imagine over 1,000 dogs, cats, puppies and kittens finding their forever homes during the past ten months. That is exactly what has happened as the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center celebrates the milestone. Riverside resident Taryn McBride and her husband, Justin, adopted a 7-year-old Shepherd “blend” named Kendra.

“We are thrilled to have reached such a milestone this year and look forward to a day when every dog and cat has a home for life,” said Carrie Ridgway, Public Relations and Marketing Specialist. “Our goal has never been the quantity of animals we place, but the quality of homes we place them in. We want to find the best match for the pets and the families who adopt them. It is a lifetime commitment. Our success is based largely on our ability to know personalities and behaviors of the pets residing at our facility. I believe there is a home for every animal, no matter what. They just need time, patience, exposure and TLC.” During the same time period last year the Adoption Center had performed 922 adoptions.

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