Evil Owner Moved and Left Hattie Cat Behind – Asheville, NC

From Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, Asheville, NC:

I’m a sweet kitty searching for my forever home. My owner left me when she moved. I am super affectionate and love to be around people. I’m available for adoption at PetSmart, 150 Bleachery Blvd., Asheville during adoption hours: Saturday 12-4 pm; Wednesday 6-8 pm. Contact my foster mom, Peggy (828-691-6130) to meet me and confirm I’ll be there.

See her here: Petfinder Adoptable Cat | Domestic Short Hair | Asheville, NC | Hattie.

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Marjorie Dawson
8 years ago


I promise to leave more comments now. I know they are important. I just didn’t realise how important.

I hope the swine who did this has karma come after him BIG TIME. I hope he suffers as this poor animal has suffered.

* deep breff *

Pamela C
Pamela C
8 years ago

I live in Florida we had this happen in our community. Many people are taking personal responsibility for animals that were abandoned. Some taking so much that they had to quit or be prosecuted by the County. Some cases were more understandable where the people were not only being foreclosed on with no permanent place to relocate but they were also in trouble with the law and neighbors had turned even on their children. Disgusting things happen in groups. Each story is different and facts are important because law enforcement has used many of these opportunities with downtrodden individuals to… Read more »